And away we go...

This here is the space where I'm gonna be spending a LOT of time over the coming months!


I don't have my drafting table out of storage yet and it is not yet littered with coffee cups, but you can see it didn't take long for the detritus to start accumulating!

Being true to myself, my intention is to write and draw comics for the entirety of my study. These stories will make up the body of work and basis for my research. The story will follow an indiviual who believes his mind is becoming a dystopian wasteland, and the obsession with this idea, the paranoia it causes him, affects his ability to integrate with 'normal society'.

I'm not making much sense yet, but I'll get there!

New Beginnings


I've always had a really difficult time taking what I love seriously... mostly because other people don't take it seriously! Well at some point you either have to make the choice between a strange little hobby, or a life worth pursuing. This is me choosing the latter!

Sure, I've studied PLENTY before, but I've always done so with some sort of 'serious job' in mind at the end... last time I thought I wanted to be a graphic designer. This time around I'm making a conscious decision to focus on what I love... Making comics!

18 months of researching, making, writing and writing about comics!

What's more, I'm going to document the whole experience here, sharing my ideas, loose thoughts and vague distractions.

I already have a pile of books to read, Vonnegut, Thompson, McCloud, Horrocks... so best I get to reading!